Month: January 2013

Upcycling old computers

Following on from my post about upcycling old tvs, what about upcycling old computers? Miles and Aimee Harrison from their cutely named etsy store, Atomic Attic, have come up with a clever way to re-use old Apple iMac computers by turning them into pet beds. They empty them, clean them out, give them a polish and some heat-treatment to make the acrylic shine, plus they move the original speakers to the rear brace so it doesn’t rock. Then they pop in a comfy cushion and hey presto, a cosy resting place for a small pet. They even turn vintage suitcases into rather groovy pet beds as well. Stylish or silly? Cute or kooky? Whatever you think, you can’t deny it’s a great upcycling idea.

Pinterest and Paper

It’s a wild and woolly public holiday here in Sydney so what better way to while away the time than pootling about on Pinterest? And again, I’m drawn to paper art. I’ve just discovered The Jealous Curator blog (check it out if you love art and great commentary) and also Swedish designer Cecilia Levy who makes beautiful things from vintage paper. I mean, you’ve got to take your hat off to these paper people! To quote from Cecilia’s website, she uses ‘books from the beginning of the last century. Take[s] them apart, tear[s], shred[s] and cut[s] the pages into small pieces that are reassembled into new objects. Eggshell thin, yet remarkably steady. The story lives on, but in a different shape’. In a word: Beautiful.

The Art of Paper Engineering

Who would have thought you could make a career being a ‘paper engineer’? Well Sydney designer Benja Harney is doing just that. His paper pieces – which range from large sculptures to delicate miniature pop-up books – are indeed works of art that only someone with a steady hand and, I assume, a lot of patience could spend their days making. I happened upon his ‘blush’ of paper flamingos while flicking through a Vogue magazine while waiting at the dentists the other day (and made my lovely dentist wait while I quickly scribbled down Benja’s name!). He made these for an exhibition called Animal Noun Collective at Sydney’s Gaffa Gallery. When I got home I checked out his other work and it is clear he is super talented. This is what he did for the David Jones 2012 Christmas Catalogue … And this for the Kylie Minogue book: The Goddess Edition … His latest work, New Platonic, is based around working with paper only and not using glue … Clever stuff!

Radiator Art

In the heart of winter, there’s no place like a warm home with decent heating. While the only thing on our minds here in Australia at the moment is how to keep cool (Sydney recorded it highest temperature ever last week of 46 degrees – that’s 114.8 F!), our friends in the Northern Hemisphere are cranking up their heaters, fires and radiators as the snow flies in. Having never had to worry about radiators before, after seeing what some designers are coming up with I almost wish I could have one in my home. These three beauties are more like indoor sculptures than anything resembling a heater. Top: Who needs a pet when you’ve got one of these? Dutch design company Gewoon Guus has created a series of animal-shaped radiators – fur and all – bringing the boring radiator into the realm of display piece. They say: “‘Domestic Animals’ is a series of animal shaped radiators referring to a time when people were much more aware of the way they treated warmth.They even used to live with …