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What do cotton buds and fish scales have in common?

What do cotton buds and fish scales have in common?

Answer: Creative works of art!

After popping into a local art gallery the other day my curiosity was peeked by the creativeness of many artists.

I mean, who would have thought that fish scales could be mixed with resin to become a sculpture (2), that en masse the average cotton bud could morph into eerily realistic paintings of eyes (1), that foam, polyester and fringing can be made into taxidermied creatures (3) or that discarded bits of junk could become a cute dog sculpture called Bitzy (4).

These four works of art were created by talented Australian artists:-
Silvana Angelakis made both 1. Fabulash and 2. The Green Jacket. These and others are currently on show at Traffic Jam Galleries in Sydney.

Troy Emery is the man behind the taxidermied creatures (3) and his first solo show will be held early this year at the Martin Browne Contemporary art gallery in Sydney.

Ian Swift is the found object sculptor who can literally make anything out of anything. But I love his dogs the best!

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