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Growing a chair … yes, really

The Growing Chair_Studio Aisslinger

Taking the concept of building furniture to a whole new level, Werner Aisslinger of Studio Assinger in Berlin has not only come up with an idea to literally grow a chair as you would a garden, but has actually made it happen.

Will and I spotted this incredible design at London Design Festival when we were in the UK in the middle of last year.

It sounds bizarre, I know, but it really is a chair that has been grown from a plant.

The Growing Chair - Studio Aisslinger

As Werner explains on his website: “The chair farm concept is as simple as it is radical. A ‘plantation chair’ produced in an agricultural lab is a production utopia of the future. The chair is no longer produced in the classical sense of the word. Instead, it grows of its own volition in a greenhouse or on a field.”

He is, of course, making a statement. It is, he says: “A new way to invert production in furniture design back from globalized serial manufacturing to resource-conserving local production.”

And … “When it has reached maturity, the steel corset is opened and removed, revealing a naturally grown chair.”

Voila, the finished product … amazing!

The Growing Chair - Studio Aisslinger

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