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Radiator Art

Gewoon Guus reindeer radiator

In the heart of winter, there’s no place like a warm home with decent heating. While the only thing on our minds here in Australia at the moment is how to keep cool (Sydney recorded it highest temperature ever last week of 46 degrees – that’s 114.8 F!), our friends in the Northern Hemisphere are cranking up their heaters, fires and radiators as the snow flies in.

Having never had to worry about radiators before, after seeing what some designers are coming up with I almost wish I could have one in my home.

These three beauties are more like indoor sculptures than anything resembling a heater.

Top: Who needs a pet when you’ve got one of these? Dutch design company Gewoon Guus has created a series of animal-shaped radiators – fur and all – bringing the boring radiator into the realm of display piece. They say: “‘Domestic Animals’ is a series of animal shaped radiators referring to a time when people were much more aware of the way they treated warmth.They even used to live with or above their livestock to take advantage of their warmth.” Am loving that reindeer!

Scirocco paper clip radiators

Above: Italy’s Scirocco has turned the humble paper clip into functional wall art, called Graffe, that will also heat your bathroom and your towels.

And who’d have thought dice could be anything but part of a game? Below, these Italian handmade Dado radiators not only do the job but make a very definite design statement. Monopoly anyone?

Dado designer radiator

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