Month: February 2013

Downstairs Light

Dutch designer Bertjan Pot really turns things on their heads with his Downstairs Light. I mean, really? It started out as a one-off project, called Stairway to Heaven, for a theatre cafe near Bertjan’s studio. Then it won the 1st Frame-Moooi Award 2012 and is now part of the Den Herder Production House (DH PH) collection. Like it or not? I can’t decide. Well, I couldn’t until I saw it in its cafe context where I think it really works. What do you think? Images: Frank Tielemans

Crazy or what?

For Christmas my daughter gave me a five-year diary, called ‘Q&A a Day’, that poses a different question each day (which is a great gift, by the way, for anyone who likes the idea of writing a journal but doesn’t have time to spend hours writing in it). Now the reason I’m mentioning this is because yesterday’s question was: Who is the craziest person in your life? and it got me thinking about how we define crazy. My Penguin dictionary says it’s ‘mad’ and ‘insane’ or ‘unusual and eccentric’. We often think of inventors as being slightly mad, tinkering away at some non-sensical (I could have said crazy) idea that might not work. But then, what would we do without people who, not only come up, with non-sensical/crazy ideas but actually try to make them happen? Case in point: A 3D printing pen that, yes, you guessed it ‘draws’ objects in the air that are three dimensional. What, you say? That’s just crazy (see how many times that word can come up!). But someone decided …

Interview: Argentinian designer Rocio Gonzalez

As it is Valentine’s Day and because I can’t wait until the store is up and running, I thought I’d share with you the interview I did with Rocío González about her beautiful handmade button and resin products that I previewed in my last post. What the team at Greca do is clearly a labour of love – sifting and sorting and collating piles of discarded factory buttons and using resin, turning them into brightly-coloured jewellery, ornaments and homewares. Each piece is unique, handmade and a one-off. Their choice of buttons determining colourways and styles. Considering it all started out as a fun hobby, it is a credit to its founders, Rocío and Lucas Campodonico, that the business is where it is today. Plus they do all this, and more, with a strong ethos of caring for the environment. Here is what Rocío told me about how it all began and what they do. Tell us about yourselves – what are your backgrounds? Lucas studied communication and I studied architecture. In 2004 he started an accessories line, mainly button necklaces …

Abandoned buttons find a home

I’m so excited as we’ve just received the first products that we’ll be launching in our store! Here’s a sneak preview … All the way from Argentina, these resin-based jewellery, flowerpots and ornaments are made from unwanted buttons collected and collated into colourways and cute designs by the team at Greca. Fuelled by an eco-friendly ethos and their experience in resin and design, founders Rocio Gonzalez and Lucas Campodonico turned their hobby of making “colourful, happy things from trash” into a full-time business. When the store launches, I’ll be featuring a Q&A with Rocio here on this blog to find out more about their company’s beginnings and where they get their inspiration from. So stick around and I’ll keep you posted!