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Bedazzled by Lights

I don’t know about you but I have a thing for lights.

There’s something about the way such a practical object can be transformed into a piece of sculpture or work of art hanging from your ceiling yet still do the trick of lighting your room.

To hell with downlights, I say, these beauties could hang out in my house any day…

Uk designer Lee Broom's Decanterlight

Acclaimed UK product and interior designer, Lee Broom, who actually  started out in fashion working for Vivienne Westwood, decided all those old lead crystal decanters languishing in vintage stores and antique markets could be turned into something much more dazzling and so the Decanterlight Clear Ship was born.

And in case you’re wondering what happens to the rest of the bottle. He’s now turned the stoppers, which were collecting dust in his storeroom, into his Half Cut Crystal collection.

Half Cut Crystal by Lee Broom

Then there’s these colourful numbers by Brazilian designer Brunno Jahara who’s transformed plastic packaging from cleaning products and drink bottles. The caps are collected by the National Recycling Association in São Paulo, where a cooperative separates rubbish for recycling.

Lights by Bruno Jahara

How pretty are these? French lighting studio Les Fourmis Bleues also focuses on using recycled or sustainable products. The ones pictured are made from either paper or recycled plastic packaging.Their designs’ themes are all about the ‘imagination, poetry, emotion and surprise’. I think ethereal would nicely sum them up.

Les Fourmis Bleues lights

Closer to home, German-born Australian-based lighting designer Volker Haug lets his creativity run wild with his creations. The OMG light is made from crushed recycled industrial shades and the quaintly titled Peggy Sue light is, you guessed it, made from the humble wooden clothes peg.

Volker Haug OMG light

Volker Haug Peggy Sue light

Volker Haug Peggy Sue light

I never thought wooden pegs could look so beautiful!

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