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Who’d have thought? A Richard Orlinksi Gorilla in a Philippe Starck Raffles Paris Renovation

Flicking through the latest Lonny magazine, oohing and aahing at its usual sumptuous interiors, I was jolted out of my interior design reverie with this  …

Le Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris as in Lonny Magazine

The entrance to the grand Le Royal Monceau Raffles Hotel in Paris on Avenue Roche.

Recently renovated under the uber-chic eye of designer Philippe Starck, Le Royal Monceau prides itself on: ‘” The art of luxury. The romance of Paris. The legend that is Raffles.”

I mean, just look at this gorgeous guest room. Stylish. Luxurious. Definitely romantic.

Guest room at Le Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris

And what about the dining room of its Tuscan restaurant, Il Carpaccio? The light fixtures feature images of 17th-century Italian architectural icons. Beautiful.

So why plonk (because that is what it looks like they’ve done) a life-size shiny red gorilla in the hotel foyer? Are they trying to scare people away? It’d sure scare me if I walked in and wanted a bit of luxury and romance.  A King Kong kiss of death anyone?

I don’t mean to criticise contemporary artist Richard Orlinski’s work. I’m sure in another setting the gorilla would blend in quite nicely. Just check out his website and you can see where he’s coming from with his work. Perhaps the black panther would have been a better choice here?

But back to the gorilla. It may tie in with the hotel entrance’s red theme but …

Le Royal Monceau Paris

What do you think? Am I being a stick in the mud? Am I not appreciating the whimsy of modern art?

Can someone please explain.


  1. Lol, the French artist behind that gorilla sculpture is Richard Orlinski. I work at a gallery in Miami and we are currently selling one of his gorillas for about $17,000. It does look kind of random in that pretty Parisian hotel, but I’m guessing since the art piece is from a French artist just like the hotel is designed by a French designer, they thought it would go well? Lol in any case, the sculptures are too conspicuous they don’t go well…anywhere.

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