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DIY: Who’d have thought crafty ideas

I know this is technically not a DIY type of a blog, but every so often I feel like getting a little bit crafty. Even if I only ever dabble in it occasionally – the odd cushion, the homemade gift tag from fabric cuttings, a decoupage lampshade – I do love seeing what other, more talented, crafty people get up to.

Here are some really simple things I’ve found that made me go: Why didn’t I think of that and why don’t I give it a try? I probably won’t but you never know …

Scrap paper light via scissors and thread

Looks pretty stylish right? Well, it is simply a paper lantern covered with multiple strips of paper!

Coat hanger magazine holders via Stylizimo

Love a monochrome Scandinavian-style room. What caught my attention here were the coat hanger magazine holders above the desk. So simple and effective. Who’d have thought?

Tape Lamp via Stylizimo

And what about this? You’d swear this was some sleek designer lamp aka Louis Polsen. But no. It’s washi tape. Say what? Yep, that’s right. Cleverly cut tape, stuck to a wall. You couldn’t get a more sustainable light than that, could you?

Book paper folding via

Want to get creative with an old book? Try paper folding (and beautiful styling) as done by Deborah at Ollie and Seb’s Haus.

What creative easy-to-do, DIY projects are you up to?

Images: 1. Scissors and Thread ; 2. Stylizimo ; 3.  Stylizimo (who saw it on Sarah Woodrow’s blog); 4. Ollie and Seb’s Haus.

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