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Pedal Power

What do you do with crapped out bicycles nobody wants anymore?

You turn them into pedal power.

A Guatemalan NGO in San Andrés Itzapa, called Maya Pedal, reconditions donated bicycles to make a whole raft of pedal-powered machines they call Bicimaquinas, which are designed to help local communities in all sorts of ways that would normally require electricity or hand power.

These Bicimaquinas range from a mobile water pump to a bicycle nut sheller, a kitchen blender (yep!) and a bicycle mill/corn thresher. They are easy to maintain, produce no pollution, free the user from rising energy costs and provide exercise.

What a great idea!

Maya Pedal relies on the help and work of a mix of locals and volunteers in their Guatemalan workshop and their goal is to be …“a center of pedal power research and development and an information resource for NGO’s promoting appropriate technology and small scale, sustainable agriculture.”

It’s also got me thinking about the developed world with its rising obesity and rising costs of electricity … Can you see where I’m going here?

What if, household members shared a daily cycling routine (say, half an hour to an hour each a day) that would help power their home’s electricity (or, maybe, power the dishwasher or make a smoothie), which would, in turn, reduce their bills and improve their health and fitness …?

What do you think, too far-fetched?

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