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Bottle top art with Mary Ellen Croteau

“I firmly believe in the power of the visual, and my work is my voice: a social critique and a visual challenge to all the cultural detritus we are force-fed every day.  My art is about looking at things in a slightly different way, and is intended to undermine the status quo with wit and humor.”  Mary Ellen Croteau.

Mary Ellen Croteau

‘Close’, 2011

When Chicago artist, Mary Ellen Croteau, decided to make an artistic statement using unwanted plastic bottle caps little did she know quite where it would lead her.

She initially wanted to make a column reminiscent of Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi’s modernist work – which she did – but then she got side-tracked by portraiture. The colour combinations she could make with the caps reminded her of a Chuck Close portrait painting (which are amazing – see his work here).

Mary Ellen Croteau

And so that’s what she did. She made a large (2.5 x 2 metre) portrait of herself. An incredible likeness constructed entirely from collected bottle caps.

She since went on to make a portrait of her eye.

My Eye by Mary Ellen Croteau

‘My Eye’, 2012

And countless columns.

Mary Ellen Croteau Columns

Columns in Eye Spy Optical in Chicago

And to think I never thought plastic bottle caps could be beautiful!

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  1. Suzanne says

    Absolutely amazing and beautiful re-use of our otherwise trash. Love it!

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