Month: June 2013

Button art and craft

Got any spare time on your hands plus a whole lot of buttons? Button DIY for the adventurous! Images from top to bottom: button palette via Pinterest; button stockings via Andjiica; button art via Pinterest; button globe via Pinterest; embroidery hoop button clock via Home is right; teal pear via LollyChops

Interview: Nicole and Sarah of Ginger Elliott

Today, I’d like to introduce two creative Sydney-siders, Nicole Elliott and Sarah Hargrave who have combined their passion for textiles, design, vintage furniture, upholstery and upcycling in their new business, Ginger Elliott, sourcing quality second-hand furniture with a view to not just a ‘do up’ but some serious ‘zhushing’. They transform their finds into stunning, unique and, often quirky and bright, designer statement pieces. I caught up with them at the lovely Boathouse cafe at Balmoral to find out how it all began … Tell me about your backgrounds and how you’ve ended up where you are today? Sarah: My background is in interior design and property styling. I’ve had my own company for the past 13 years. The job didn’t exist 15 years ago when I started. I was working part-time for a real estate agent and one time he asked me to accompany him for a home viewing and photo shoot. It was a $1 million-plus property but the owner wasn’t ready for us – she’d just had a baby. So I ended …

Re-purposing Vintage Love

Re-purposing, re-using, recycling, re-inventing, re-making and just general, all-round clever re-crafting is re-invigorating, rejuvenating and rather refreshing …   Images  Top left to right: Vintage suitcase turned medicine cabinet via Topekas News; Victorian-style necklace handmade from vintage jewellery – new at Who’d Have Thought?; antique Bakelite radio turned into an iPod dock via Flea Chic. Bottom left to right: Retro television turned into a bookcase via Dishfunctional Design; vintage tea set no longer used for tea via Lush Fab Glam; old chest of drawers re-purposed into a mini-garden via Flea Chic.

Interview: Textile artist Amanda McCavour

I’ve always greatly admired people who, not only work with their hands, but do intricate fiddly stuff that requires hours of work, immense concentration and steady hands. I get fumble fingers just trying to tie a ribbon on a gift! Needless to say, embroidery was one craft I never mastered. But for textile artist Amanda McCavour it is her life and her work. She has not only mastered the art, she’s turned traditional embroidery on its head by creating delicate, life-sized, three-dimensional ‘drawings’ in the air. And all out of thread. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Romania, South Korea and Toronto. She is currently undertaking an MA at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Intrigued, I wanted to find out more. Join me as Amanda talks about her creations … Why embroidery? What’s the appeal of thread over other creative mediums? And when did you decide this would be your medium of choice? I really started to get interested in embroidery in a drawing class I took which looked at drawing …