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Lighting: Up, up and away

The mind boggles at what people will think of next. It seems in the world of design and inventiveness there are few major obstacles apart from human doubt. But, let’s face it, I think most creative people work on the basis that you don’t know until you try. Doubt just doesn’t come into it. And, sure, some ideas might fail but others will fly.

The following lights definitely belong in the realm of flying high. And these two do, quite literally …

They’re levitating. No joke. Crealev invents, designs and prototypes levitation techniques and floating products. They even sell levitation modules to “tinkerers, artists, designers, brands and companies who would like to build their own spectacular product”.

These next two chandeliers are designed as much around the shadows they produce than anything else.

Evocative of gnarled albino branches, the Forms in Nature chandelier will transform your room into a spooky forest at night.

A cement underpass in Saint Antonio, Texas is transformed into a ‘Ballroom Luminoso’ with six of these dynamic chandeliers created to represent the different historical, cultural and progressive aspects of the area.  On the bottom of each is a custom-made steel medallion incised with whimsical images depicting the area.

And this light works on the basis that if you’re sick of grandma’s tea set find another use for it.

Tea anyone?

[Images via Crealev; Architizer; Architizer; Kathryn Brylinsky]

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