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Things that Caught my Eye

Abigail Ahern Hare Lamp

Abigail Ahern Hare Lamp. Photography: Graham Atkins Hughes.

There’s so much great stuff out there! Come and see what I’ve unearthed this week …

  1. Make your own woven felt iPad cover via The Red Thread. Looks pretty stylish and easy to do if you follow crafter extraordinaire, Lisa’s online tutorial.
  2. A watch that lets you tell the time by touch. True! The Bradley is an extra-sensory tactile watch that is designed for both sighted and blind people and was inspired by a Navy Seal vet who had been blinded by an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2011. The watch is even named after him. Read about it over at Co.Design.
  3. I know I mentioned Abigail Ahern last week but I do love what she does. Check out her Hare Lamp, part of her latest range for Debenhams launching September 1.
  4. The surreal graphic design posters from Hello, Fig, whose catchphrase is: Ben Stainton posts things using a computer. Witty and quirky. Take a squiz.

See you next week!

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