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Who’d have thought …?

Who’d have thought someone would bother making a cake that resembled, very accurately, a planet like Jupiter? As someone who rarely makes even a boring old chocolate cake, I’m impressed.

Australian zoology graduate, Rhiannon, has a food blog where she shows off her baking and cake decorating creations. This was one of them. See Cakecrumbs for more. [First seen at Lost at E Minor]

Who’d have thought someone could be bothered wrapping trees in pink cord? But aren’t you glad they were?

Pink Punch by Nick Croft and Michael McLeod

Architects Nick Croft and Michaela McLeod designed the “Pink Punch” installation for the 2013 International Garden Festival at the Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens in Grand-Métis, Quebec, Canada. The aim: to ‘attract visitors by its striking color, off the beaten path, through the shaped garden rooms, and into the forest. The new garden room uses the traditional technique of tree wrapping (used to protect trees from the elements) and the color pink to divide the “wilderness” from the garden, in a non-traditional way.’ [Via The Contemporist; image by Sylvain Legris]

Who’d have thought someone would want to make a house out of beer cans? I mean, really?

Beer can house

Supposedly, its creator was born and raised during the Great Depression and didn’t throw things away, especially anything related to beer.  With more than 50,000 cans used, it’s certainly one way to recycle! You can read more over at Inthralld.

Happy Thursday!

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