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Fly Away with Me

I don’t know about you but I have a strange love affair with birds. But not if they’re real!

Yes, indeedy, give me a painting, a photograph, a sculpture, a multi-media work of a bird or many birds – and any sort of bird at that – and I pretty much always fall for it. But the ones that flap and squawk and dive bomb, you know, those living ones …? Na. Take him or leave. Well, actually leave them but not on my doorstep.

So, anyway, what got me on this wave length was discovering some amazing creatives and their gorgeous bird art that made me think, gee, you could leave these on my doorstep any day! Take a look at these beauties …

Malaysian artist/architect ‘Red’ Hong Yi, who says she likes to paint without a paintbrush, creates birds from flower petals and leaves. How stunning are they?

Flamingo by Red Hong Yi

Flamingo made of pink gerberas and twigs from Red’s garden

Behind the scenes - Red Hong Yi at work

Behind the scenes: Red Hong Yi at work on an eagle

Australian artist Louise Saxton creates birds from reclaimed fabric and needlework, pins and tulle with intricate detail. You could look at them for hours. These photos don’t do them justice.

Louise Saxton - Carolina on my mind 2011

Carolina on My Mind 2011

Louise Saxton with her works

Louise with ‘Madeira’s Lyre 2010

[Louise Saxton images by Gavin Hansford]

Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera constructs beautiful birds from paper. She has made hundreds of different sculptures of all sorts of birds in all sorts of situations. I can’t imagine the number of hours she has spent studying the creatures and then making them so life-like, can you?

Diana Beltran Herrera_Golden Hummingbird 2013

Golden Hummingbird 2013

Diana Beltran Herrera - Studies of Movement 2012

Studies of Movement 2012

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