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Timotei Styling Mousse Lion ad

  • Who doesn’t need a good laugh every now and then? This ad for Timotei styling mousse has done the trick for me! It is old (around 2004) so you may have seen it before but I think it’s one of those of pictures that will always give you a chuckle no matter how many times you see it.  I’m not sure if it would make me want to buy said styling mousse but it’s certainly brightened my day! [See all creative credits at The Inspiration Room]
  • Very cute wearable plants from rings to necklaces to bicycle planters by US Wearable Planters via State of Green.
  • I love new books, old books, repurposed books but have never seen crystallised books before! Artist Alexis Arnold freezes books to create crystal-book sculptures. They’re weirdly fascinating in a ‘sciencey’ kind of a way and makes me wonder if this is what we’d all look like if the Ice Age ever struck again! [As seen at Fast Co Design]
  • This is not so much ‘who’d have thought?’ as what a great cutesy craft project for a weekend when you’ve got nothing else to do (if that ever happens!). Mini paper fans for table decorations, parties, garlands … whatever. Amy Moss has all sorts of sweet ideas at Oh Happy Day.

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