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Things that caught my eye: Made from wood

The Half Chair by Spanish designer Tess Hill

Quirky but practical: A chair cut in half, flipped and hung becomes a bookshelf-cum-clothes hanger by Spanish designer Tess Hill [via the Design Fetish].

Clothes made of wood by Ron Isaacs

This is hard to believe, I know, but this dress is made from wood by American artist Ron Isaacs.  I mean, I wouldn’t mind wearing this! See more of his garments over at The Jealous Curator.

Lambent chair by Glen Lewis-Steele

A two-legged chair with inbuilt reading lamp, called The Lambent Chair, by New Zealand designer Glen Lewis-Steele, inspired he says by a collapsible, wooden, giraffe toy from his childhood. [ Read more about it at The Contemporist].

Reclaimed Furniture by Ariel Alasko

I want one! Stunning tables and headboards, spoons and art made from scraps of reclaimed timber by talented furniture maker Ariel Alasko. If only I lived in San Fransisco … [See more of her work here and read her blog here].

Happy Friday!

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