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Things that caught my eye: the quirky and surreal

We love anything quirky over at Who’d Have Thought? and these things that caught my eye this week are certainly that …

This pillow totally cracks me up! Image manipulator Steve M. Payne takes English artist George Dawe’s historic portraits of Russian generals and replaces their faces with those of celebrities.  His portraits can be found at Replaceface and at Society 6 where the portraits are also on cushions, iphone cases, t-shirts. [First seen at If the Lampshade Fits]

Bill Murray Replaceface pillow via Society6

Want to have fun at work? Livening up your work space is one way to do it and creative agency Wieden + Kennedy decided to create a pop-art, pop-up, old-style office with all the mod cons. They did in a room with street frontage so that passersby could see them at work. I wonder if they got any work done …? [via Inthralld]

Wieden and Kennedy pop art office via Inthralld

Bored with a beige house exterior? Funk it up with circus-like candy stripes like these seaside houses in Aveiro, Portugal. How well would it go down in your street? Images by Romanian photographer Dacian Groza. [As seen at Ish and Chi]

Seaside houses in Portugal via Ish and Chi

You’ll never think of everyday objects in the same way again after seeing  Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso’s surrealist photos of ordinary items in his series called Improbabilita. Dot-less dice with their dots scattered around them, a basin without a plug hole, a knife with its handle diced … You get the picture. [See more at Fast Co Design]

Surrealist photo by Giuseppe Colarusso

Surrealist house photo by Giuseppe Colarusso

Surrealist egg photo by Giuseppe Colarusso


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