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Things that caught my eye: Art love

Dive into these …

Pear-via-pinterestSomething makes me want to really dive into this and climb those stairs! You too? Fruit art by Susan Diusener.

Incredible collage art by Sammy SlabbinckA spoonful of swimmers makes the medicine-soup go down … Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck turns vintage photos into surreal images. Love this one! [As seen at Lost at E Minor]

My Beautiful Mistake, 2012 by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Their ‘Beautiful Mistake’ – delicately balanced bits and bobs form the sculpture ‘My Beautiful Mistake’ by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Beautiful but slightly unnerving compositions  from Spanish photographer Miguel Vallinas‘ ‘Second Skins’ series in which animals are dressed in disturbingly appropriate clothing. He is aiming, says Miguel,  to conjure “the animals in us all”. [As seen at Fast Co Design]

What sort of animal are you, do you think?

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