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Things that caught my eye: ceramics, houses, chairs

Ceramics having a meltdown is a new take on pottery art by artist Livia Marin. Her ‘melted’ ceramic bowls, cups and tea pots are titled Nomad Patterns. The patterns come from an 18th century British designer’s Willow Pattern motif that was meant to mimic Chinese landscape decoration. [First seen at Lost at E Minor]

single ceramic pot melting

single ceramic pot melting

A house having a meltdown? This one is in Margate, England. It’s really very bizarre … until you discover it is the work of artist Alex Chinneck who has turned a mid-19th century derelict house into a talking point for the town. At the end of its year-long public art exhibition the council who bought it will restore the building. [As seen at I New Idea and you can read more here].

The sliding house at Margate

The sliding house at Margate

Oh, the delicate folds of a classical-inspired draped cloth … but, hang on, where’s the chair? New Zealand designer Glen Lewis-Steele has created a stunningly simple and unique chair that is not only completely functional but also recyclable. Called the Eidolon Chair, it is made from a thermoplastic composite. Read more here.

The Eidolon Chair by Glen Lewis-Steele

Now where’s that Greek god ..?


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