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Designers Sam and Jude of Suck UK

Sam and Jude, founders of Suck UK

Sam and Jude, founders of Suck UK

Once upon a time, there were two young designers who had a dream …

Brit design duo Sam and Jude (aka Sam Hurt and Jude Biddulph) had a big dream 14 years ago when they graduated from Central St Martins College. They wanted to make commercial gift products that were quirky, original and down-right fun.

Although they had other jobs and no money, they still dreamed the dream and in between irregular work on budget films, television and interior jobs, they started creating.

Setting up in the kitchen of their North London bedsit, they worked on their ideas – ‘making stuff that we liked for no-one in particular’ – often through the night, with a limited budget but lots of nous. When their flatmates got tired of living amongst the prototypes, they found an empty room in a squatted embassy building in Primrose Hill, where they were able to experiment and develop to their hearts content.

Until they were evicted. Oops! But undeterred at losing their space and equipment, they pushed on with their dream. They left their jobs and focused on their brand. Soon they had swapped their homemade equipment for a network of suppliers and manufacturers and had an office in East London.

Now Sam and Jude, and their team of designers, is the brand ‘Suck UK’. They have won multiple awards and have two flagship stores in London’s OXO Tower and Westfield Shepherds Bush. Their wide range of products includes all sorts of wild and wacky stuff that you may not need but will certainly make you laugh. Like a colour-changing umbrella, edible eyes you can stick on your food and eat (!), a lamp that turns into a house when you place your book on it, a pencil that doubles as a drumstick. Plus, the Key Bottle Opener, Sun Jar and Pencil Touchscreen Stylus that we’re stocking in the store.

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