Month: November 2013

Recycling | Upcycling

This time of the year always seems to bring on a rash of consumer craziness and sometimes it can be hard not to get caught up in it all. I thought I’d focus today’s post on upcycling and recycling – not on gifts per se but as a way to remind ourselves that the gifts you give don’t always have to be brand spanking new or mass-produced. Think recycled or upcycled or, even better, something handmade you’ve created yourself … … Like these innovative, designer-looking pendants made from straws. Aren’t they cute? Hang a set of these over your Christmas table – or even give one as a gift -and I’m sure you’ll be showered with praise. Instructions are over at Skona Hem. Swiss-based designer Gareth Knott has come up with the word de-cycling as a way to describe his Treff punkt coffee table made from upcycled railway boxes. Although decycling typically means making sure items are correctly recycled for the waste, Gareth uses it to combine the concepts of design and recycling. Gareth named …

Gifts for Her

A few ideas for the girls in your life … 1. The perfect stocking filler: upcycled fair trade coffee sack purse for make up or pencils $15.00 2. Unique earrings for your loved one made from antique found porcelain $62.50 3. For the fashion conscious, a stylish ‘Mighty Purse’ that charges all smartphones $99.95 4. The ultimate in fashion eco-chic: beautiful tote made from fire hose $275.00 5. For book-loving girls: a bracelet made from the pages of a vintage book $30.00 6. Brighten up a sundress with this bold, chunky necklace made from buttons in Argentina $60.00 7. Everyone needs a multi-purpose carry bag like this one made from reclaimed plastic bags in Cambodia $35.00 8. Every girl loves a bangle, especially one handmade from discarded buttons! $50.00 9. Perfect for students: an upcycled fair trade coffee sack laptop bag $35.00

Interview: Pipe cleaner sculptor Lauren Ryan

While many of us may have played around with pipe cleaners when we were kids, the best we usually made was some sort of warped stick figure. But American, Lauren Ryan has taken the medium and made it her own, transforming it into extremely life-like animals. What’s more, she uses no other material in her sculptures. It’s pipe cleaners (also called chenille stems) all the way! And what better material to use to create animal fur? Her furry friends look so good, you actually want to give them a stroke. Come and have a look at her beautiful animals and find out more … Tell me about yourself and your artistic background My name is Lauren Ryan, I’m 21 years old, and I don’t have as much art education as I probably should. I am mostly “self-taught” and spent as much time drawing as I did sculpting. When I was a kid, building and creating new things with ordinary materials was more fun than playing with toys. I never focused much on practising art to get …

Eye-catching stuff

I don’t have a bar and don’t drink spirits but if I did I’d have this one by UK designers Buster + Punch (who do some seriously nice stuff – all black and gold and sexy …) Who doesn’t love plants (even if you’re a hopeless gardener, like me!)? This is a great article on making your own mini green wall. I think even I could manage this one. Stuck for ideas on what to cook for dinner? How about throwing caution to the wind and throwing some dice? Foodie Dice are new on the scene, recently launched via Kickstarter. Wow, this is one hell of a swing! Best to avoid if you don’t like heights … Images via Bless this Stuff, Design Rulz, Foodie Dice, Lost at E Minor