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Gifts for the Outdoor Lover

This week I’ve collated some goodies that are perfect for both the indoor and outdoor life …
Gifts for the Outdoor Lover

1. Perfect indoors or outdoors, the ingenious upside-down Sky Planter, created by New Zealand ceramicist Patrick Morris. Comes in ceramic or recycled polypropylene styles. From $20.00
2. Jazz up your outdoor space, picnic area or beach spot with this stylish rug made from plastic bags. Comes in three designs. From $70.00
3. Who doesn’t love a little night life? Collect sunshine during the day for a soft glow at night with this mason jar-turned-Sun Jar $49.95
4. Plant lovers will adore this original, brightly coloured flower pot made from buttons all the way from Argentina. Also comes in yellow $85.00
5. Decorate your outdoor (or indoor) table with this cute green frog made from buttons and resin $60.00
6. Is it a pencil or a plant? It’s both! Sprout pencils are the ultimate sustainable stationery and come in three varieties: Flower, Herb, Garden $35.00

P.S We will ship overseas, just email us for a quote @

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