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Design Gone Bonkers

Happy New Year! Thought I’d start the year off with a little bit of wackiness …

Furniture that mimics giant sweets? I’m not sure about this one. Nice idea but a bit bonkers, perhaps? See more at It’s Nice That.

The Importance of the Obvious by Matthias Borowski at It's Nice That

The Importance of the Obvious by Matthias Borowski

Musical instruments made from confiscated Mexican cartel weapons? A bit eeew but certainly a fantastic bit of upcycling. Mexican artist Pedro Reyes created 47 musical instruments from more than 6,000 seized weapons, some of them he mechanised so they can be programmed to play music by themselves. Read more about the Disarm project at Upcycle That and on Pedro’s website.

musical instruments from weapons at Upcycle That

Pedro Reyes and his once dangerous musical instruments

An energy-harnessing soccer ball? Now this is one great idea by Uncharted Play –  a for-profit social enterprise on a mission to create fun products and services that address real world issues and bring joy to the masses. SOCCKET will provide hours of power from just 30 minutes of play. Read about how it works here. The two Harvard graduate designers even managed to get Barack Obama to play with it on a trip to Africa! Watch the video here.

Uncharted Play Soccket ball

Owl cafes? And we’re not just talking a cutesy owl-theme here, either. We’re talking having a coffee surrounded by real owls staring at you with their big brown unblinking eyes. Only in Japan! What on earth will they think of next? [See more at Lost at E Minor]

Owl-Cafe-group of owls

Slightly creepy but also hauntingly beautiful pictures on logs of wood by multi-disciplinary artist Sally Lundburg. Like them or not? [via The Jealous Curator]

Sally Lundburg art

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