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Things that caught my eye: Artists, Architects and Archivists

Today we start with the letter ‘A’.

Okay so I’m being silly (and I may have had a little too much sun!). This isn’t Sesame Street. The things that caught my eye this week just happen to have a commonality with the letter ‘A’.

Liu Bolin artist

Liu Bolin, Hiding in New York No. 8 – Cereal, 2013

Chinese artist Liu Bolin specialises in making himself invisible. And his work is amazing. He paints himself into complete camouflage in all sorts of environments. Often to make a point. Can you find him?

Liu Bolin artist

Liu Bolin, Hiding in New York No. 10 – 5 Pointz, 2013

Last year he moved to Caracas in Venezuela and is using his work to highlight the inequities and violence that ravage the country. Check out this video and read The Atlantic post to see how he does it.

Colorized Historical Photos

Can you tell when this photo was taken? Looks like it was somewhere close to yesterday, doesn’t it? But in reality, it was in 1939!

And who do you think this fellow is?


I bet you didn’t guess Charlie Chaplin, whose photo was taken in 1916!

Colorising historical photographs is apparently a new trend and I have to say, it certainly adds an incredibly different dimension to images from the 1800s and 1900s that we have only ever been seen in black and white. I love them. What do you think? See more over at Indulgd.

Zumbo Cafe Melbourne by Elenberg Fraser | Yellowtrace

An abombination or an admirable work of art? Architects and designers from Elenberg Fraser have turned Australian patissier Adriano Zumbo’s gooey, sticky, unbelievably sweet and indulgent creations into a sofa.

Why? you ask, why?

Because dear friends, they’ve ‘done over’ a retail space in Melbourne and turned it into a black and pink and ultra gooey fantastical patisserie – Zumbos’ first in the city. A team of junior architects and designers, as part of Elenberg Fraser’s ‘Graduate School’ program, were let loose on all aspects of the design front, with a brief that was simply: keep to the Zumbo brand and inject a dash of pink.

Zumbo Cafe Melbourne by Elenberg Fraser | Yellowtrace

With the furniture, they upcyled old pieces and gave them the once over with self-expanding foam and dipped them in pink and white silicone. Looks like one fun job! You can see the whole fit-out over at Yellowtrace.

Which one tickles your fancy? Or are you now salivating, like I am, at the thought of some Adriano Zumbo confectionary?!

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  1. For the longest time, there were 3 people in this relationship – me, LM and Adriano Zumbo (not sure Adriano knew about his role). LM divorced Adriano just over a year ago. He still claims to miss him…

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