Month: March 2014

Interview: Louise Lynch | Upcycled Vintage Books and Games

I love reminiscing over childhood books read and loved and old games we used to play (and maybe, sometimes, still do play on a rainy day!). Don’t you? Louise Lynch is a woman after my own heart who has made it her job (along with a little teaching on the side) to collect vintage books and games and upcycle them into notebooks, journals, brooches and bunting. Her love of making things started at a young age and never subsided into adulthood so what better way to keep up the creativity and collecting than by mixing business with pleasure? Come and meet Louise and her treasure trove of crafted pieces … Tell me a bit about yourself – what’s your background, do you have a ‘day’ job, and how have you ended up where you are today? I’ve always loved making things and remember my mother driving me around our local shops looking for sticky back plastic and double-sided cellotape for the Blue Peter ‘makes’. Working as a full-time secondary school teacher in a difficult school I …

Weekend Art Love

Inspired Creative Original Love these artists’ works … 1. Shanghai-based Australian, Red Hongyi, cut up 36 books to create Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook face. Brilliant. See how she did it here. 2/a.  Self-titled ‘artist, doll collector and tinkerer’, Diem Chau brings together the unlikely pairing of needlework and porcelain in her plate series.  3. Migratory Words, 2014: So delicate and evocative. Su Blackwell has a way with paper.  4. Untrained textile artist Mister Finch spins a delightful, and at times, eery tale with his hand-sewn creatures. 5.  I want to hang this little fellow on my wall. Canadian-based Marina Dieul has managed to turn a mouse-hater into a mouse-lover, over and over again with her Petite Souris series. How cute are they? Has art changed your world recently?

Ruth Allen | Glass Sculptor

Melbourne-based glass artist, Ruth Allen, is so much more than a glass blower. She is an artist, a sculptor, a multi-media installation creator, an active member of community arts and education programs, a jewellery designer, and now a sustainable glass maker and lighting designer. Her business, Sustainable Stubbies, upcycles pre-loved wine, beer and drinks bottles into ‘new’ tumblers, vases, carafes and the like. And they are divine! They are beautiful to touch and beautiful to look at. The colours are richer and the glass sturdier than the original glass because she uses traditional hot glass techniques. “Due to the extensive heating process, the glass becomes much stronger than its original state, enabling it to withstand hot liquids and the dishwasher experience,” she explains. Regular old bottles are transformed into unique, handcrafted pieces. “I began with the easily accessible beer stubby, opening it out into the simplest of re-usable forms, the tumbler. I became inspired to use more of the bottle, cutting the tops off to make beads now glorified in the new jewellery collection.” Ruth discovered …

Things that caught my eye | Weekend link love

Here’s what’s caught my eye recently … Clockwise, from top left: Amazing underwater photography of a tornado of fish by American photographer Octavio Aburto. Bizarre story about a woman on holiday in Iceland who inadvertantly joined a search party that was looking for her. Yep, true. [First seen at The Thousands] Edible food wrapping. created by a professor of bio-medical engineering at Harvard. Called Wikipearl, the wrapping is held together by calcium ions and can include particles of chocolate, nuts and seeds. Better than eating plastic. Stunning photographs depicting the life of an Alaskan sled-racing dog by Jeff Shultz, who has been the official photographer of Alaska’s Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race since 1992. He’s now turning the pictures into a book via Kickstarter. Kinfolk’s beautiful short film series called Saturdays, to inspire you to do different things on the weekend. [First seen at Fancy] What interesting stuff are you up to this weekend?