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Weekend Art Love

Weekend Art Love Images




Love these artists’ works …

1. Shanghai-based Australian, Red Hongyi, cut up 36 books to create Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook face. Brilliant. See how she did it here.

2/a.  Self-titled ‘artist, doll collector and tinkerer’, Diem Chau brings together the unlikely pairing of needlework and porcelain in her plate series

3. Migratory Words, 2014So delicate and evocative. Su Blackwell has a way with paper. 

4. Untrained textile artist Mister Finch spins a delightful, and at times, eery tale with his hand-sewn creatures.

5.  I want to hang this little fellow on my wall. Canadian-based Marina Dieul has managed to turn a mouse-hater into a mouse-lover, over and over again with her Petite Souris series. How cute are they?

Has art changed your world recently?


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