Month: April 2014

Plant Stamps | Kickstarter Campaign

There’s nothing I love more than learning about creative inventions and the people responsible for them – finding out their stories and the light bulb moments behind them all. Barry Stout and Jim Lynch from the U.S are two such blokes who have had the envious job of spending their working careers inventing and product-developing, which sounds like a whole lot of fun, if you ask me! They have now put their talents and ingeniousness behind Plant Stamps – themed stickers you attach to greeting cards, packages or gifts that have seeds inside so they can be planted. It’s a cute concept conceived by Barry who wanted to combine his children’s love of stickers with gardening. It also has endearing and long-lasting implications which they hope will impact everyone from the Plant Stamp recipients right down to  their local community in Georgetown, Massachussets. For the past two years Barry and Jim have been developing the stickers that comprise several layers of proprietary materials and have now launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for additional manufacturing equipment. They ultimately want to be able to use the stickers …

DIY Link Love

Fancy a bit of cutesy DIY? Don’t get your wool in a tangle, check out these adorable ideas and seemingly easy instructions … Clockwise from top left: Mette of Monster Circus had me with her gorgeous photography, then her DIY metallic feather pens. Aren’t they beautiful? Who doesn’t love ice cream, especially when you can make your own without an ice cream maker? Try this blueberry and lavender ice cream from Twigg Studios. Apparently floral balls aren’t exclusively for weddings. Wouldn’t mind some of these hanging above my dining table. They look easy too. Find them at A Pair and a Spare. These super cute heart necklaces will have you mixing concrete in no time. Discover how at Fall For DIY.

Product Review | Parrot Flower Power

Thought I’d do something a little different on the blog this week, which is to review a product. Specifically, one that is not only a ‘who’d have thought of that’ concept but a ‘why didn’t anyone think of it sooner’ type of a product. Flower Power is a natty little device that monitors – via an app – the health and well being of your plants. For someone like myself who likes plants but isn’t so good on their upkeep it has the makings of an ideal gardening tool. Basically it’s a smart wireless sensor in the guise of a chunky plastic twig that you place in the soil next to the plant you wish to monitor. Using Bluetooth technology it connects to your Smartphone or tablet. Then all have to you do is download the free Flower Power app and select the plant/s you are wanting to monitor from its library of more than 6000 plants, trees and vegetables (= 2000 species) .  You can even upload a photo of your own plant insitu to add to your mobile ‘garden’. After 24-hours, you …