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Things that caught my eye: Weekend Link Love

Warning: Don’t read on an empty stomach!

Here are some tummy rumbling inducing things that caught my eye …

Clockwise from top left:

Chocolaty Pretzel and Peanut Cookie Bars: Who’d have thought you’d eat pretzels with chocolate but apparently they’re divine. Trust Martha.

I admire anyone who can take a break from their ‘normal’ job for a year to work as a food artist. Norwegian Ida Skivenes – aka IdaFrost – has managed to turn food art into a legit job via Instagram. And, by gum, she’s got the talent.

Simple but effective pour-over coffee maker in a Mason Jar by New York’s Intelligent Design Company. First seen at FastCo Design.

More food art: In the form of maps created using the type of foods the countries are known for. By designers Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin.

DIY marble tray: Okay, so you can’t eat this but I’m sure whatever food you artfully place on it will look even more appetising. Update your kitchen accessories by making your own ‘marble’ tray. Try it here.

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