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Product Review | Parrot Flower Power

Flower Power in my pansies

Flower Power in my pansies

Thought I’d do something a little different on the blog this week, which is to review a product. Specifically, one that is not only a ‘who’d have thought of that’ concept but a ‘why didn’t anyone think of it sooner’ type of a product.

Flower Power is a natty little device that monitors – via an app – the health and well being of your plants. For someone like myself who likes plants but isn’t so good on their upkeep it has the makings of an ideal gardening tool.

Basically it’s a smart wireless sensor in the guise of a chunky plastic twig that you place in the soil next to the plant you wish to monitor. Using Bluetooth technology it connects to your Smartphone or tablet. Then all have to you do is download the free Flower Power app and select the plant/s you are wanting to monitor from its library of more than 6000 plants, trees and vegetables (= 2000 species) .  You can even upload a photo of your own plant insitu to add to your mobile ‘garden’. After 24-hours, you are then able to check the health and status of your plant – from whether it needs watering, has enough sunlight, or needs fertilisiing etc.

Developed by Parrot in conjunction with universities and horticultural and agricultural specialists, Flower Power has been tested on hundreds of plants worldwide – from Europe to China and the USA. The concept: To make ‘precision agriculture’ available to every gardener – and non-gardener, like myself – around the world.

Flower Power all packaged up

Flower Power all packaged up

As you can see from the first image, I decided to monitor my relatively newly planted pansies (of which Flower Power had the exact variety amongst a large selection of pansies). I popped the Flower Power device next to one of the plants, feeling pretty confident that my potted colour was not being neglected.

How wrong I was. My non-gardener status was confirmed. The pansies were thirsty. Real thirsty according to Flower Power.

My non-gardener status duly confirmed, I gave them a good old drenching until Flower Power gave me the thumbs up.

I’m now hooked and am moving Flower Power around my plants (inside and out) to check how they really feel – and not how I think they feel!

Minuses: Not a fan of the design – function definitely wins over form – and not sure why it comes in blue as that just doesn’t blend in with anything. The brown and green options are more suitably subtle.

Pluses: Apart from the fact it actually does what it says, I like that the library of plants contains every thing you’d want to know about each and every one them – from actual photos, to planting and care instructions.

So now I have no excuse. Maybe it will make a gardener out of me after all.

Flower Power

Flower Power is available to purchase around the world via Parrot.
Or in Australia: Apple stores, leading DIY, specialist gardening stores & leading department stores. RRP: AUD $79.99.

Thanks to Holly from The Red Agency who supplied me with Flower Power.

Note: I only review products that fit my ‘who’d have thought’ theme and will be honest in my assessment. 


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