Month: May 2014

Interview: Baby Guerilla

Not only do I admire talented artists but I also admire those who can quite happily create their art from a lofty height. For someone averse to raised platforms, the thought of balancing precariously on a ladder to create large-scale artworks on the sides of buildings brings on a touch of vertigo. Yet for Melbourne artist Baby Guerilla this seems to come quite naturally. Intrigued by her ‘floating’ characters and other-worldly scenes she depicts on walls around the city, I decided to find out more about her art – both at and above street level – as well as the artist behind the pseudonym. Please introduce yourself. What’s your background and, how have you ended up where you are today? I was one of those people who always knew exactly what they wanted to do from an early age. Some of my earliest memories are being fascinated by pattern and colours.  I was an oil painter and completed a Fine Arts Degree at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.  It was there that I realised that drawing could …

Art Link Love

Art to make you think, to make you laugh, to make you wonder. Admire and enjoy …   Creative Director Thomas Yang created ‘100 Copies‘, a small collection of art prints dedicated to his two passions: art and bicycles. Find out what this fantastic piece of tyre painting is at Lost at E Minor. Please do because it is really very good. And check out Yang’s 100 Copies works here. I can’t seem to take my eyes of this piece and be absorbed by what’s not there. See more of Enrico Boccioletti’s ‘Content Aware’ series at I Need a Guide.   Barb – Crewel wool and acrylic on linen, 8.25 x 18 inches. A stitch in time plays havoc with the mind. Cayce Zavaglia makes hand embroidery look like paint. Discover her work here. Street art by Milan-based artist Fra.Biancoshock based on Ephemeralism – an avant-garde artistic movement which, he says, “has the purpose of producing works of art that have to exist briefly in space but limitlessly in time”. See more at My Modern Met. Oooh #4, 2013, made from hydrocal, …

Who'd Have Thought Link Love May 2014

Weekend Link Love: Art, Picnics and Conservation

  A few things to peruse … Artist Ivan Hoo is so talented with a pencil and a plank of wood you’d think his paintings were real. See more at Lost at E Minor. Who doesn’t love a picnic? At first glance this canoe picnic looks oh so romantic but the potential for mishap seems potentially high. Get other ‘dreamy’ picnic ideas at Oh Happy Day. Extraordinary street art by artist ATM in London highlights the plight of endangered birds. Read his story here. [First seen at Checks and Spots]. Support a passionate team of adventurers in their desire to help preserve the threatened environment of the Kenyah Dayak people of Indonesian Borneo.  Learn more about their cause and help raise funds here. Is it a rug or is it a painting? Faig Ahmed merges the two with his warped wefts.  See more at I Need a Guide.

Deb and I in Mu'umu'u Heaven, Kailua, Hawaii

Interview: Deb Mascia | Mu’umu’u Heaven

So many people collect so many different things that you know if you delve hard enough you can find collections on just about anything. I collect articles on travel destinations I would one day like to visit – or perhaps have already visited but wish to return to. I have so many, they’re now filed, by country or, in some cases by specific place where there seems to be endless different things to do, see, stay, eat … that you need multiple visits to truly appreciate the place. For someone like Hawaii-based Australian Deb Mascia, it was the shock of seeing so many unwanted Hawaiian mu’umu’u dresses (a loose dress from Hawaii that hangs from the shoulder; a bit like a house dress) being dumped at a charity she once volunteered for that jump-started her collection. And which inadvertently led her to create a business making and designing clothes, bedspreads, cushions and homewares from upcycled mu’umu’us. So what’s her story got to do with mine, you’re asking? Deb and I first ‘met’ via a newspaper article a …