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Weekend Link Love: Art, Picnics and Conservation

Who'd Have Thought Link Love May 2014


A few things to peruse …

  • Artist Ivan Hoo is so talented with a pencil and a plank of wood you’d think his paintings were real. See more at Lost at E Minor.
  • Who doesn’t love a picnic? At first glance this canoe picnic looks oh so romantic but the potential for mishap seems potentially high. Get other ‘dreamy’ picnic ideas at Oh Happy Day.
  • Extraordinary street art by artist ATM in London highlights the plight of endangered birds. Read his story here. [First seen at Checks and Spots].
  • Support a passionate team of adventurers in their desire to help preserve the threatened environment of the Kenyah Dayak people of Indonesian Borneo.  Learn more about their cause and help raise funds here.
  • Is it a rug or is it a painting? Faig Ahmed merges the two with his warped wefts.  See more at I Need a Guide.

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