Month: June 2014

Interview: Jessica | The Colour of Whimsy

I’ve talked before about people having complete career changes and following something that’s been in their heart a long time and have interviewed several people who’ve not only been able to make the plunge but have had the courage to do so as well. Recent ‘plunger’ is Sydney-based Jessica Guthrie who decided to close the vintage clothing shop she ran for about nine years in order to pursue her love of art. Not only has she returned to studying but has also set herself the goal of creating a ‘sketch a day’ and blogging about it at The Colour of Whimsy. This sort of dedication and enforced ‘putting yourself out there’ is as inspiring to others as it is self-motivating. I caught up with Jessica to find out more about her love of vintage clothing, her ‘life-change’ and practice of art … Tell us about yourself – what’s your background, what have you studied, where have you worked and how have you ended up where you are today? Originally from Melbourne, I studied clothing industry studies and fashion design. From there …

Link Love | Paper Love

Images from top left to right: This picture does not do justice to the work of London-based Keira Rathbone who creates all her art with just a typewriter. She has more than 30 machines with which she spends hours typing letters, numbers and symbols to form a picture. ‘My Weapons of Choice’ depicts two of Rathbone’s favourite typewriters she’s used to type ‘typictions’.  Please go on to her site and read every slider – it’s truly amazing. Wallpaper that looks so real it makes you want to peer very closely at it and surreptitiously run your hands over it. Loving Australian-based Swedish-designed Rebel Walls realistic wallpaper such as this one called  Industriel Urban Farm LA – which is actually a real French restaurant in Los Angeles that features the wallpaper. And in case you were wondering, the crates are real boxes collected from around California. Hate paper cuts? Designer Nadeem Haidary decided to get one back on those sneaky sharp slices of paper by putting them to good use. He’s created the ‘paper-cut razor’ from a single folded sheet of water-resistant paper, which appears to …

Interview: Maria Harding | Stencil Portraits

We all know social media can be a powerful thing and a fantastic way to discover new things. As can, in a different way, roadside ‘shopping’. For if artist Maria Harding hadn’t spotted some woodblocks left on the side of the road she may never have begun stenciling on wood. And if I hadn’t spotted Maria’s latest exhibition on a Reverse Garbage’s Facebook post I may not have discovered her work and this interview may well have never happened. But enough on fate and the beauty of browsing both online and offline. Come and meet Maria and her wonderfully colourful, life-like stencil art … Please introduce yourself and tell us how have you ended up where you are today? My name’s Maria Harding and I am a graphic designer and visual artist living in Sydney. I grew up in Oxford, UK and studied Fine Art at Liverpool University. After graduating, I had dreams of being a children’s book illustrator, but the reality was not quite the dream job I thought it would be. I spent most …

Things that caught my eye | Who'd Have Thought

Things that caught my eye

  From top left to right: Austrian sculptor Mario Dilitz carves incredible life-size sculptures of the human form out of high quality laminated wood. This one, called ‘My Pad’, is particularly moving. Kiran Tarun makes iced coffee with coffee cubes incredibly appealing. My Parsley Sprout Pencil has taken off and I wouldn’t mind making this delicious parsley ravioli with brown butter sauce sometime. Constanza Tagini Nightingale, Jamie Harkins and David Rendu of 3D Sand Drawing create art using just a stick and the sand on a beach. Amazing! You must check them out here. Jordan-born, Texan-educated photographer Tanya Habjouqa shows us a different, gentler, side to Palestine with her ‘Occupied Pleasures’ series. She wants to show us that, even in the face of hardship, most people in Palestine are still trying to enjoy their lives. I particularly like the shot of a man having a cigarette in his car with a sheep sitting next to him in the passenger seat [first seen at Creative Boom].