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Things that caught my eye

Things that caught my eye | Who'd Have Thought


From top left to right:

  • Austrian sculptor Mario Dilitz carves incredible life-size sculptures of the human form out of high quality laminated wood. This one, called ‘My Pad’, is particularly moving.
  • Kiran Tarun makes iced coffee with coffee cubes incredibly appealing.
  • My Parsley Sprout Pencil has taken off and I wouldn’t mind making this delicious parsley ravioli with brown butter sauce sometime.
  • Constanza Tagini Nightingale, Jamie Harkins and David Rendu of 3D Sand Drawing create art using just a stick and the sand on a beach. Amazing! You must check them out here.
  • Jordan-born, Texan-educated photographer Tanya Habjouqa shows us a different, gentler, side to Palestine with her ‘Occupied Pleasures’ series. She wants to show us that, even in the face of hardship, most people in Palestine are still trying to enjoy their lives. I particularly like the shot of a man having a cigarette in his car with a sheep sitting next to him in the passenger seat [first seen at Creative Boom].

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