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Link Love | Paper Love

Link Love | Paper Love images

Images from top left to right:

  • This picture does not do justice to the work of London-based Keira Rathbone who creates all her art with just a typewriter. She has more than 30 machines with which she spends hours typing letters, numbers and symbols to form a picture. ‘My Weapons of Choice’ depicts two of Rathbone’s favourite typewriters she’s used to type ‘typictions’.  Please go on to her site and read every slider – it’s truly amazing.
  • Wallpaper that looks so real it makes you want to peer very closely at it and surreptitiously run your hands over it. Loving Australian-based Swedish-designed Rebel Walls realistic wallpaper such as this one called  Industriel Urban Farm LA – which is actually a real French restaurant in Los Angeles that features the wallpaper. And in case you were wondering, the crates are real boxes collected from around California.
  • Hate paper cuts? Designer Nadeem Haidary decided to get one back on those sneaky sharp slices of paper by putting them to good use. He’s created the ‘paper-cut razor’ from a single folded sheet of water-resistant paper, which appears to actually work. Genius! Unfortunately it’s not for sale. [First seen at Lost at E Minor]
  • I just love this image. It’s so full of animation and life, despite one party being made of paper. I could look at it for days. It’s actually part of an origami exhibition to be held over summer at Cooper Union in New York. Read more about it at This is Colossal. [Found on Pinterest]
  • You can’t feature a piece on paper without at least one DIY project thrown in. This origami lantern looks pretty both lit and unlit and is easy to make, so long as you don’t mind making multiple origami stars and doing lots of fiddly gluing. Find out how at Crafts Tuts+


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