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A Mixed Bag | Things that Caught my Eye

Who'd Have Thought blog - Things that caught my eye images

Images from top left to right:

  • A crazy pink restaurant with artist David Shrigley’s crazy sketches adorning everything from the walls to the crockery. Check out Sketch in London at We Heart. Or better still, go and dine there.
  • Try this personality test and see which of 16 personalities sums you up in all areas of life. Trust me, if you answer honestly you’ll find it’s bang on. Do it with your whole family and help understand yourself – and one another – so much better!
  • My favourite colour is awash on every wall in the Moroccan mountain town of Chefchaouen, thanks to Jewish refugees in the 1930s who wanted to paint the town anything but red.
  • Not to everyone’s taste: fashion designer Manosh Arora’s house in Paris’s bohemian Canal Saint-Martin area does not shy away from using colour and pattern in ways most people would never be able to live with. Full marks for bravery and fun! See more pictures and read about it at Lonny Magazine’s house tour.
  • Like Instagramming? Make sure you follow these rules to Instagram with panache.


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