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Things that caught my eye

Collage - Link Love - Who'd Have Thought


Images, from top left to right:

  • Aakash Nihalani screws with your mind with his series of 3-dimensional artworks piercing people around the streets of Brooklyn. See more at Eye Scream Sunday.
  • This is the best sort of volcanic explosion ever: eight million petals exploding into the sky over a Costa Rican village. Wish I could say it was ‘just for fun’ but it was for a Sony video advertising their 4K Ultra HD TV. Watch it happen at Yellowtrace.
  • Amazingly realistic skulls carved into and then hand-painted on mother-of-pearl shells by Filipino artist Gregory Halili. Beautifully done but kind of creepy. Read more about him and his work at Junk Culture.
  • Didn’t think the humble garden shed could turn into something far from humble but judging by the finalists in the British 2014 Shed of the Year, I have clearly underestimated the potential of the shed. Anne Sutton’s retro diner shed is one such finalist. See teapot sheds, arcade sheds, pub sheds, tardis sheds and more over at Fast Co Design.
  • Love these quirky ceramic hanging pot plant holders made in Spain. See more at Etsy.

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