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DIY Link Love Projects

DIY Link Love blog post - Who'd Have Thought

Images, from top left to right:

  • Very cute DIY light bulb terrariums at Clad and Cloth. Love them!
  • Make-your-own on-trend metallic sacks from Almost Perfect (okay, so they’re not washable but who cares?)
  • Have unwanted books and require secret storage? Sewing Barefoot shows you how to make your own hidy-hole using the spines of old books.
  • Pretty watercolour paper flowers that will last as long as they don’t get wet. Find out how to make them at Curly Made.
  • This might not be the easiest DIY job around but get inspired by what French-based Zim & Zou studio did for a Hermes store window in Barcelona. Each piece has been handmade from paper and the fox from strips of leather. The detail is amazing. See more pictures at Design Boom.





    • it is dangerous for me to have discovered this page. i love beautiful things, and this blog is full of them. some purchases will come, when the money does. so many clever, creative and brilliant people in the world!

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