Month: September 2014

Hotel Key Rose rings by Jennifer Kelly

Interview: Jennifer Kelly | Artist and Graphic Designer

Graphic designer by day/ artist by night, Jennifer Kelly lives and breathes creativity and, it seems, finds it impossible to switch off from being in creative mode. So much so, that she was totally up for the challenge her father set her: to try and turn a bunch of hotel keys he had inadvertently collected from business trips into something else. After a bit of trial and error, a rose – or several – were born,  which then became pieces of jewellery. Jennifer sent me one of her rings and I have to say you’d have no idea it was once a hotel key! You have to admire someone who’s determined to rid the world of unwanted hotel keys, so come and welcome Jennifer … You say on your website that you’re a ‘creative explorer’. Tell us about this and your background and how have you ended up where you are today? I’m pretty sure as a kid I must have given Crayloa’s factory workers a run for their money-  colouring books and drawing were a part of everyday …

Wolfram Kampffmeyer with his 3D animal paper sculptures

Interview: Wolfram Kampffmeyer of Paperwolf

Today I’d like to introduce you to a man who’s taken the world of 3D computer animation and turned it into something crafty. His paper animal sculptures meld modern technology with good old-fashioned paper craft that anyone can make. It’s not often you can buy something decorative for your home that you have to put together yourself and this is as far away from flat-pack furniture as you’ll get. So, even if you can’t take credit for designing one of Wolfram’s animal sculptures, you can take a little bit of credit for putting it together. And how great do they look? I reckon they bring out the kid in all of us and right now, I wouldn’t mind taking that pig home! I discovered German-based Wolfram unexpectedly via Etsy and was keen to learn his story … Please introduce yourself – what’s your background and how have you ended up where you are today? Paperwolf is my label under which I design and sell 3D paper craft templates: mostly animal trophies, but also postcards and big and small paper …

DIY Weekending ideas

DIY Weekending

Will it be a DIY weekend this weekend? Why not try some of these ideas … Images, from top left to right: Gorgeous, gorgeous painted feathers! Be inspired by even more beautiful photos and instructions at Cachemire et Soie. Display family photos or even business cards in these cute vintage spool holders. Find out how to make them at Jessica Marquez’ blog Miniature Rhino. This is so easy it can barely be called DIY! Whisks make pretty and unique hanging tealight holders. As seen at Recyclart. Apparently tequila is not only good for a good time, it’s also good for the skin and is a natural antiseptic. Use it to make this delicious sounding scrub, courtesy Beauty Bets (the pictures make it look good enough to eat as well!) Who wants to pay a fortune for a pendant when you can make your own charming rustic one from a basket and some yarn. I’m definitely going to copy the yarn-winding idea. Learn more at Style by Emily Henderson. Which one do you love the best? P.S I’ll be …

Silhouette Art by Pejac

I just love this guy’s work. Spanish artist Pejac uses the simplicity of the silhouette to create clever, humourous and thoughtful art in all manner of places – both indoors and out. His recent series comprises miniature silhouettes attached to windows that use the city-scape or landscape behind to create a larger work of art. Genius.   He makes other art too. This is one of my favourites … You can find more here and here.