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DIY Weekending

DIY Weekending ideas

Will it be a DIY weekend this weekend?

Why not try some of these ideas …

Images, from top left to right:

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous painted feathers! Be inspired by even more beautiful photos and instructions at Cachemire et Soie.
  • Display family photos or even business cards in these cute vintage spool holders. Find out how to make them at Jessica Marquez’ blog Miniature Rhino.
  • This is so easy it can barely be called DIY! Whisks make pretty and unique hanging tealight holders. As seen at Recyclart.
  • Apparently tequila is not only good for a good time, it’s also good for the skin and is a natural antiseptic. Use it to make this delicious sounding scrub, courtesy Beauty Bets (the pictures make it look good enough to eat as well!)
  • Who wants to pay a fortune for a pendant when you can make your own charming rustic one from a basket and some yarn. I’m definitely going to copy the yarn-winding idea. Learn more at Style by Emily Henderson.

Which one do you love the best?

P.S I’ll be back with more designer/artist interviews very soon!

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