Month: November 2014

MYX Lamp by Jonas Edvard Nielsen

Interview : Jonas Edvard Nielsen | Designer

Danish designer Jonas Edvard Nielsen would have to be described as a truly avant-garde designer, who is willing to try out new ideas and concepts in product design. Having completed a Bachelor of Industrial Design in 2010 and a Masters in Product and Ceramic Design in 2013, Jonas Edvard’s focus is on innovation and thoughtfulness in the development and application of natural materials and design processes. A perfect example of this is his MYX Lamp, which would have to be one of the more unusual but possibly the most sustainable pendant lights around. Recently sharing third place in the Stockholm Furniture Fair Green Furniture Award 2014, the MYX Lamp produces not only light but food (mushrooms) which can be eaten. Sounds crazy? Well, it’s true. As part of his graduation project, Jonas Edvard set about developing an organic textile material he called MYX in which oyster mushroom mycelium grow on hemp fibres to become a flexible soft living textile. This is essentially what happens: “The lamp is grown into shape during a period of 2-3 weeks … After 2 weeks you …

Pierre by Freya Jobbins

Interview: Freya Jobbins | Sculptor, Plastic Surgeon

When I first saw a Freya Jobbins’ sculpture, I couldn’t take my eyes off it and this was looking at it online – on the Burrawong DNA Arts Festival website – not even in person. I was fascinated by how she’s used body parts of toys to create sculptures and faces in the most disturbingly life-like way. The more you look at them the more you find and the more the mind boggles at how each piece fits so perfectly in the place she’s put it. Two legs for a nose, plastic fence for hair, a bare bottom for a chin… Calling herself a ‘plastic surgeon’ (!) and comparing her works to the portraits of Milanese painter Guiseppe Arcimboldo ‘with a hint of the Toy Story Trilogy’, Freya spends hours collecting, planning and piecing her art together. And this is from someone who was once a policewoman. Let me introduce you to the artist and find out more about how she delves into the worlds of consumerism, upcycling and recycling in her absurdist sculptures. What is your …

Luca Chiaravalle by Meagan Harding Photography

Interview: Luca Chiaravalle| L’Ascari

There’s nothing more evocative than a beautiful scent – something that might remind you of a long summer’s night, a dear friend or a special moment you don’t want to forget – wouldn’t you agree? Australian-born product designer Luca Chiaravalle of L’ASCARI not only combines amazing scent combinations in his various ranges of candles, bath and body products, but he has managed to meld his eye for design in his branding and packaging with a familial heritage of artisanal Italy to create hand-made, hand-poured products with a sustainable bent. When you buy a candle from their ‘Yellow’ range  L’ASCARI will buy one can of food to help feed pensioners, students, low-income earners, people with mental illness and the homeless. So far they have donated 1400 cans of food. All their candles are made with eco-friendly materials: they are free from toxic materials, pesticides and herbicides, are not tested on animals, and the soy is manufactured from pure soy beans so contains no petroleum (paraffin waxes). Not only do his candles boast more traditional fragrances such as Mediterranean Fig; French Pear; and Wild Freesia, Lavender and …

Be Inspired: DIY Projects to Try

From top left to right: DIY cardboard tube frames: These are pretty nifty and so easy to make. I reckon they’d be a great Christmas gift for the kids to do to give to someone special. Find them here. How cute are these rings? Make these and you might be able to fool people that you’ve suddenly become a jewellery designer. Learn how at Fall for DIY. Yum-scrum Cherry Heart Pie Pops. No recipe, just eye candy DIY on Pinterest. Why not give the a gift of the hand-made with these Natural Room Scent Jars, featuring scents such as oranges, cinnamon and cloves; lemon, rosemary and vanilla; and pine twigs, bay leaves, nutmeg? They’d look so good on display in your kitchen, don’t you think? Learn how to make them at The Yummy Life.