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Be Inspired: DIY Projects to Try

From top left to right:

  • DIY cardboard tube frames: These are pretty nifty and so easy to make. I reckon they’d be a great Christmas gift for the kids to do to give to someone special. Find them here.
  • How cute are these rings? Make these and you might be able to fool people that you’ve suddenly become a jewellery designer. Learn how at Fall for DIY.
  • Yum-scrum Cherry Heart Pie Pops. No recipe, just eye candy DIY on Pinterest.
  • Why not give the a gift of the hand-made with these Natural Room Scent Jars, featuring scents such as oranges, cinnamon and cloves; lemon, rosemary and vanilla; and pine twigs, bay leaves, nutmeg? They’d look so good on display in your kitchen, don’t you think? Learn how to make them at The Yummy Life.


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