Month: January 2015

DIY Crayon Art

DIY Homemaker

Today I thought I’d share four different DIY/homemaker ideas that cover art, cooking, crafting and making, which in my mind would form the perfect DIY day from start to finish. First up: creating your own piece of art which is surprisingly easy and amazingly effective – and I should know as this was recently made by my daughter on the last few days of the holidays. Materials required: canvas, packets of crayons (three were used for this sized canvas), a hot glue gun (to glue the crayons in place), a hairdryer to blow on the crayons and a towel or sheet to protect the surrounding area from crayon spray. Voila, it’s done. You could get even more creative and add a stencil shape onto the canvas which you peel off after the crayon’s have melted, or choose a selected colour palette to match your decor.   All that creating can make one hungry. So why not cook up a feast of healthiness? My friend and business partner, Meryl, gave me Yotam Ottolenghi’s latest cookbook Plenty More for my birthday …

Giselle Bongiorno

Interview: Giselle Bongiorno | Art, design and freelancing

My first interviewee of the year is someone who’s grown up around creativity and had it nurtured in her from day one. Melbourne-based visual story teller and artist Giselle Bongiorno has had a multi-faceted creative career that has seen her work as a TV set designer to a designer of swimming pools. Now freelancing, she specialises in telling stories through images for marketing, social media and blogs as well as creating animal art portraits. Come and meet Giselle and find out how television and wrapping paper have proved influential in her life … It sounds like you’ve had a varied career path. Tell us about yourself – what’s your background and how have you ended up where you are today? My mum has a very vivid imagination and made sure to awaken mine from a very early stage. I attended theatre school before being old enough to go to kinder and grew up with TV-watching limit of 3.5 hours per week. My shelves had no dolls but books to the brim. There were no stuffed toys around but you could find paint …

Painted eggs - Christmas decorations Munich

Munich and Salzburg at Christmas | Highlights

A winter’s holiday in central Europe at Christmas is a magical time of everything Christmasy. Lights, baubles, mulled wine, roasted nuts, more baubles, more lights, castles and fortresses. Oh, and did I mention the Christmas decorations? Here are some highlights from my week in Munich and Salzburg to maybe whet your appetite for your own Christmasy sojourn … Some of the largest Christmas bauble’s you’ll ever see at a Christmas market in Munich. There’s me in the middle looking rather like the abominable snowman. Beautifully painted Christmas egg decorations in Munich. Munich cathedral at the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market) in Marienplatz. Prezels galore at Munich’s Christkindlmarkt. A beautiful winter’s day in Munich’s English Garden. Spot the squirrel. Elegant swans in the lake in the middle of Munich’s English Garden. River surfing in Munich is the thing to do it seems. Here they’re doing it on the Eisbach, an artificial river at Haus der Kunst on the edge of the English Garden. The extravagant and unfinished Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria on which Walt Disney based his Disneyland castle. Misty …