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DIY Homemaker

DIY Crayon Art

Today I thought I’d share four different DIY/homemaker ideas that cover art, cooking, crafting and making, which in my mind would form the perfect DIY day from start to finish.

First up: creating your own piece of art which is surprisingly easy and amazingly effective – and I should know as this was recently made by my daughter on the last few days of the holidays. Materials required: canvas, packets of crayons (three were used for this sized canvas), a hot glue gun (to glue the crayons in place), a hairdryer to blow on the crayons and a towel or sheet to protect the surrounding area from crayon spray. Voila, it’s done. You could get even more creative and add a stencil shape onto the canvas which you peel off after the crayon’s have melted, or choose a selected colour palette to match your decor.


Mozzarella and aubergine bake by Yotam Ottolenghi

Orzo, mozzarella and aubergine bake by Yotam Ottolenghi

All that creating can make one hungry. So why not cook up a feast of healthiness? My friend and business partner, Meryl, gave me Yotam Ottolenghi’s latest cookbook Plenty More for my birthday and I’m having a ball trying out his creations like this orzo, mozzarella and aubergine bake. His recipes are easy to follow (even the ingredients are listed in the order you use them) and very tasty and healthy. He sure knows how to make vegetables the main attraction. The bake basically features chopped aubergine, carrot, celery, onions, garlic – all cooked first – then orzo, tomato puree, stock, mozzarella, parmesan, sliced tomatoes added into one dish and baked. It didn’t last long.

DIY Mini Bowls

Mini Bowls

These cute bowls only require Fimo clay and nailpolish or metallic pens, plus a bit of elbow grease to soften the clay. Mould them however you wish, bake and decorate them when they’re cool. How adorable are they? Find out more at Lifeinstyle.

DIY face masks and body scrubs

Make your own papaya face mask

After you’ve done the top three, you’ll be ready for a bit of indulgence involving papaya and coffee. Feel free to eat a slice of papaya and slurp a slug of coffee while you read up on how to make your own gorgeous face mask and body scrub thanks to Cybele from Blah Blah Blah Magazine who guest-posted on Recycled Interiors. Both papaya and coffee are said to having amazing properties – the former used to treat burns in Gambia and the latter able, supposedly, to shift cellulite as it stimulates blood flow. Yee-haw for inexpensive cosmetics!

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