Month: February 2015

Nature and flowers art collage

February Link Love: Flower paint, wallpaper, brooches, art

Be inspired by a little floral … Images from top left to right: Who wants to be a dead fish? This quote should be everyone’s mantra. First posted on Instagram. Follow us @whodhvethought. Such a gorgeous picture found on artist Georgie St Clair’s Instagram @georgiestclair. What’s more they’re little pots of powered paint made from flowers. I loved this idea so much I then started researching flower paint and found this blog post on how to make your own. Can you believe this is wallpaper? 3D rainbow-coloured flowers by artist Maud Vantours for Mues Design. Please click the link to see the whole thing on  a wall. So sweet: ‘Gatherer’ brooches handmade from oven baked clay by artist Auf Wiedersehn (aka Jacqueline Smith), designed to be a helping hand that holds tiny plant specimens you find on your travels. Au naturel: Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil collects flowers from the private gardens of famous European landscape designers, dries them and turns them into sculptures with the help of moulds and a spray of varnish. First seen at Jealous Curator.

MIlly Dent Design

Interview: Milly Dent | Ceramic Artist

Milly Dent’s ceramics are the sort of pieces you want to buy just so you can look at them! With their blue marbled swirls they are beautifully dreamy while still being functional and practical. What is amazing, though, is that Milly has not long been out of college and already has a huge following since opening her studio, Milly Dent Design, only last year. I managed to drag Milly away from her work to share a little about her creative life with us. Please tell us about yourself – what’s your background and how have you ended up where you are today? My name is Milly Dent, I am a ceramic designer and maker based in Sydney. I have always been a maker, and moved from Brisbane to Sydney when I finished school to study a design degree. Within the degree I took a mix of classes and tried all elements of design, yet when it  came to clay there was an immediate interest and enthusiasm and everything seemed to fall into place. My practice has since been …

Woodstock rings by Crazy Bird Designs

Interview: Bryony | Crazy Bird Designs

New Zealander Bryony of Crazy Bird Designs may work as a specialist in chronic pain management but she has also found an outlet for her creativity thanks to, of all things, an earthquake. When a series of dramatic and traumatic earthquakes hit Canterbury in 2010 Bryony found a way to re-use some of the beautiful native New Zealand timber leftover from homes that were damaged or destroyed that would otherwise go to landfill. Come and meet Bryony and find out why she loves giving someone’s home a second life. Window art using upcycled timber Please introduce yourself – what’s your background and how have you ended up where you are today? I go by B, as the name Bryony tends to stump a lot of people. I was born in Toronto, Canada and came to New Zealand as a young child. My parents dabbled in the creative pursuits of enamel jewellery, stained glass lights and boat building and encouraged my siblings and I to get the creative juices flowing from a young age, so it probably wasn’t a surprise that …

Art Round Up

From top left to right: Foxy lady: Photographer Valeria Trasatti and illustrator Manuel Fazzini combined to create unique painting-photography portraits [first seen at I Need a Guide] What a statement these painted brushes make! San Fransiscan Rebecca Szeto makes sculptural portraits from paintbrush handles. She says: ‘These works play with notions of re-forming beauty and value, offering a critique on consumerism, women’s work, and a curious entanglement of class dynamics in Leisure & Labor – Trash & Treasure.’ Learn more at Yellowtrace. The one pictured is: The World Is Your Oyster, 2013 / Oil on carved paintbrush. Always love a bit of Banksy graffiti. Here, Serbian artist ABVH turns some of Banksy’s NY works into short animated gifs. See them in action at Buzzfeed. It’s the perfect temperature in here – come and join me #monkeybusiness. Japan’s snow monkeys are cheeky, wise and adorable. This photo from Dutch wildlife photographer Marsel van Oosten, won the People’s Choice Award in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award 2014 at the Museum of Natural History in London. Ogle other winners at Fubiz. Just before …