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February Link Love: Flower paint, wallpaper, brooches, art

Nature and flowers art collage

Be inspired by a little floral …

Images from top left to right:

  • Who wants to be a dead fish? This quote should be everyone’s mantra. First posted on Instagram. Follow us @whodhvethought.
  • Such a gorgeous picture found on artist Georgie St Clair’s Instagram @georgiestclair. What’s more they’re little pots of powered paint made from flowers. I loved this idea so much I then started researching flower paint and found this blog post on how to make your own.
  • Can you believe this is wallpaper? 3D rainbow-coloured flowers by artist Maud Vantours for Mues Design. Please click the link to see the whole thing on  a wall.
  • So sweet: ‘Gatherer’ brooches handmade from oven baked clay by artist Auf Wiedersehn (aka Jacqueline Smith), designed to be a helping hand that holds tiny plant specimens you find on your travels.
  • Au naturel: Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil collects flowers from the private gardens of famous European landscape designers, dries them and turns them into sculptures with the help of moulds and a spray of varnish. First seen at Jealous Curator.

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