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Interview: LOQI | Creator of reusable, eco-friendly bags

LOQI bag collections

It’s pretty much a given that most people hate plastic bags and yet they’re still around and are still used. And let’s be honest, even if you own an eco-bag sometimes you forget to take it out with you, right?

The creators of the LOQI brand of eco-bags have made sure that not only are their bags super eco-friendly but they’re so fun and colourful that you couldn’t possibly forget to leave the house without one. Plus, they come in their own pouch for easy transportation, are washable and strong. The LOQI team is continually searching for new artists to create new designs so the bags will appeal to as many people as possible and therefore encourage sustainable green living.

LOQI travel trio

LOQI travel trio

As they are a perfect fit for our Who’d Have Thought store we, of course, had to get some (you can find them here). I was then intrigued to find out more about how such a simple thing as a polyester bag could combine art with sustainability in such a practical, fun way.  Here’s what the team at LOQI told me …

LOQI luggage cover and bag

LOQI reusable luggage cover and matching bag

LOQI zip pockets

LOQI zip pockets

When and where did the company start?
LOQI began at the end of 2012 in Berlin.

How did it begin? Who is behind it and what was the inspiration for the brand?
LOQI is a happy, vibrant, disruptive bunch that’s come together from different corners of the world. The three partners originate from Berlin, Osaka and Shanghai.

‘Our name combines Latin and Chinese to symbolize our close ties between the East and West. It’s a combination of Loci, which is Latin for location and Qi, which is Chinese for air and life energy.’

LOQI brainstorm

LOQI brainstorm

Tell us about the different artists you use.
The artists fly our way through many channels, such as direct contact, agencies and crowd sourcing projects. We love bold and quirky artists, such as Samantha Moreno from Venezuela, Asako Masunouchi, based in Japan and Greece, and Florian Dengler from Berlin.

LOQI designs

Designs by Samantha Moreno, Asako Masunouchi and Florian Dengler.

All your products are Oeko-Tex certified. Can you explain the importance of this? It certifies that the LOQI products do not contain any lead or heavy metals. All products are food safe because the ink used in production is eco-friendly. The OEKO-TEX certification is proof of our commitment to producing sustainable products without harmful substances. The certification includes tests for illegal substances, legally regulated substances, substances which are harmful but not yet regulated, and also includes precautionary measures to safeguard consumer health around colour-fastness and skin-friendly pH-value … phew!

LOQI bag in action

Clearly sustainability is important to you. What other eco-friendly measures do you employ?
To us, good quality is the key. The longer you use our products, the better it is for the environment. We also do simple things: water-less printing, eco-friendly dyes, recycling the sublimation paper used for printing to make our shipping cartons, and reusing all our cartons to send on deliveries to retailers.

‘The more people who like our bags, the more people will practice reuse; the better off we will all be tomorrow.’

The 'buyerarchy' of needs by LOQIThanks LOQI!


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  1. Excellent reviews. I am happy to read this article. Reusable bags are really attractive colorful and unique in design. I use reusable bag everyday in College, shopping. Its really good for environment.

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