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5 DIY and Craft Ideas

DIY and Craft Collage

It’s time to get making!  For some reason, I’ve been feeling more green-thumbed than normal and I’ve learnt that when the desire to get a thumb green hits I need to make the most of it! Which is why I started researching vertical gardens. Not sure where I’d put one but I do like the look of them. Then on my travels I found some other DIY and craft ideas …

Images from left to right:

Got a drill? If so, this cutesy tree-slab table with hairpin legs is probably quite easy to make. Emily Henderson also shows what goes on behind the scenes when shooting said cutesy table. Get the lowdown at Style by Emily Henderson.

I love handmade clay dishes and not long ago posted a DIY on how to make some here. These marbled clay bowls would make gorgeous handmade gifts. Find out how to make them at A Beautiful Mess.

Want to make your own designer-looking light bulb that shines designer-looking shadows on the walls? Then get yourself a doily and some silver spray paint. Found this image here.

When lush and flourishing vertical gardens look amazing but how easy are they actually to upkeep?Clare from Checks and Spots found out all about them from the CEO of Hanging Gardens.

Forget Instagram and photo apps, why not print out real photos and get creative with collages? As found on Pinterest.

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