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DIY Handmade Marble Bowls

DIY marble clay bowls

A few weeks ago I posted a link to how to make your own marble clay bowls (see here) and my daughters and I decided to give them a go. And how much fun were they? I won’t go into the ‘how to’ here as you can get the lowdown from A Beautiful Mess but you can see the results below.

The tricky part was getting the marbling just right, without having one colour dominating. This meant lots of tight twisting at the three-colour clay ribbon stage. Plus, you need make sure you have an oven-proof bowl of a suitable size/s. The mini bowl to the left was actually made in a muffin tray! And leftovers can be used to makes beads, bangles or a necklace pendant.

DIY marble clay bowls


DIY marble clay bowls

DIY clay beads and bangleHappy crafting!

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