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Get Crafty with these DIY Projects

DIY Collage

Get out those crafty fingers and get making! Images from left to right:-

  1. How to make going out in the rain happy and sunny! These DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas by Studio DIY are sure to put a smile on your face when the sky is grey. All you need is Scotch Tape, craft paint and an umbrella. They’d make a great gift.
  2. Oh moody blues, these indigo papier mache bowls are just gorgeous. Anthea of Yuniko Studio shares how she made them with egg cartons and a blender.
  3. Sometimes you just don’t want to know how a magician does his tricks. But I couldn’t help but watch surrealist photographer Erik Johanssen (who I’ve featured here previously) reveal his ‘impossible photography’ secrets on this TED talk. Makes you want to give it go!
  4. Boring terracotta pots are transformed into colourful textured planters that will add a zing to your potted flora. Find out how at A Beautiful Mess.
  5. Revive a plain glass or an old mug with a bit of paint and pisazz with these different DIY tutorials via Brit + Co. Metallic print glasses or a dish-washer safe glitter-dipped coffee mug anyone?

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